Question About Todays 777 Go Around

To me a go-around is only supposed to be performed before they touch down. I know that the U.S NTSB agrees with me on that one, I’m wondering if this is ok or if it was a bad decision and they should have stopped the plane.

I see everything wrong with this and feel like the pilots had a delayed response and/or panicked.

If they haven’t slowed down much and are able to accelerate and control the aircraft, it’s completely acceptable. It’s really up to the pilot’s best judgement. If the landing is not safe or stable, a go around is completely warranted.


I dont know what there speed was but it looked like they were on the ground for more then a few seconds. Oh and that must have been stressful for them to focus on all of that and determine their speed.

I mean “you can always go around”


The ultimate goal is to get the plane landed and stopped safely. While it looks dramatic, I would have to imagine that something occurred very shortly before, or very soon after touchdown which caused the pilot to feel as if both of those outcomes could be achieved.


That’s good and fast reaction time on their part then. Impressive.

Also, some degree of “panic” is to be expected if you are flying a multi-million dollar aircraft around with 200-300 souls on board. Again, i would have to imagine that something occurred which made the choice of doing what amounted to a touch and go a necessary one to ensure not only his own safety, but also the safety of everyone that trusted him and his crew with their lives once they stepped foot on the plane.


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We can’t see the runway so it very well could have been the case that the aircraft floated a bit down the runway and wouldn’t have had enough distance to safely stop given the conditions so the pilots aborted the landing.


I think in many cases the “right” decision is a bit subjective, I’d broadly call it whatever makes sure everyone comes out safe, and if that’s the call that needed to be made for that to happen, then it’s the right decision in my book…

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… Can I get an explanation why it is a problem for a TnG after landing?

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Generally you have already started slowing down, at which point it can be very risky, but if they hadn’t started slowing down, it likely wasn’t that risky…

If they were not centered and would have had to do a hard turn on wet asphalt safety first do it again and do it right. Better to end up in the news after a safe landing than to end up in the news after a fatal one.

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That’s irrelevant, if they floated too far down the runway a go around whilst risky at that stage was much safer than going off then end…

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Oh I’m sorry I confused the reply. Correct that is irrelevant.

Looks like a good go around to me. I saw nothing wrong with the pilots decision making. Something felt off they went around. It doesn’t matter if you touch down or not. If it’s not right you go around.


It seemed to me like it aimed sharply right going off the runway or headed that way. Ik this is just a game and i’m no certified pilot but i have experienced similar things landing in London in the 777 where if you land slightly off and hard in that direction you can end up aimed off the runway and towards other aircraft and could warrant it just be safer to take off where you have more control in the air.

Wet runway, not braking enough, go around. A go around can be even after touching down if something doesnt seem right and the pilots do not believe that they will be able to slow the aircraft down without overrunning the runway. Textbook good call here.

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Maybe he just needed one extra landing to become grade 5?


This seems like the most plausible explanation in this particular situation.