Question About TL (Trust level)

Hi, I had just join this community.
After I read a few Topics, there are TL in this community.
So, this is my question How can I check my TL? and What do I have to do for raise it up?

Hey @James_0 you can click on your profile and check your trust level.

Currently you are TL1

Basic user is Trust Level 1 (TL1)
Member is Trust Level 2 (TL2)
Regular is Trust Level 3 (TL3)
Then moderators and staff or other high ranking people are Trust Level 4 (TL4)

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Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here.

You can read up more about trust levels here:

The requirements for raising trust levels are not disclosed by the IFC staff, which is different from the regular Discourse trust levels. You are currently TL1 - basic user.

Hope you enjoy your time on here! Welcome once again, and happy flying!

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