Question about time lapse

Does anyone know how to speed up a flight that you have screen recorded? I am planning on making a video but I’m not sure how to make it like a time lapse.

Thanks for the help:)

You could use iMovie if you have an iOS device. There is an option to change the speed there if I remember correctly.

There is no way to create a timelapse with Infinite Flight only.


Ok I’ll check imovie not sure If i have enough space to download it lol

iMovie on a MacBook computer has many more features, and you can speed it up faster. iOS only allows you to speed up x2 (not fast enough for a flight video)

If you have a MacBook, I would recommend using iMovie on that instead of your iOS device

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That’s what I use

If you don’t have a Mac (like me) you can do it like this. It’s a little lengthy but works just as well.
Hello! You will first need to transfer the files to a computer with VLC media player installed (it’s free).

Begin by launching the VLC Media Player, If you’re running Windows 10, make sure you launch VLC Media Player with elevated privileges. Simply right-click the app icon and select Run as administrator .

Next, open Tools > Preferences , and at the bottom of the screen, find the Show Settings radio buttons. Select All (#1 in the image below), then in the new view that appears, look for Video .

Expand the list and click Filters (#2). Here, put a check in the Scene Filter (#3) box in the right-hand pane.

time-lapse video vlc settings

Move to the left-hand pane, and find Scene Filter in the expanded Video list. Select this, then paste the destination (perhaps a new folder) path into the Directory path prefix field . Look for the Recording ratio box next, and input the value you want. For instance, to export one in every ten frames, input 10 .

At 30 or more frames per second in your original video, 10 is a good place to start and won’t fill up the output directory. Too many and the time-lapse video will look to smooth. Too few and it will seem quite jerky. You might need to experiment here to get the best results.

To finish, click Save . Then go to Media > Open File and browse for the video you wish to convert. Select, and watch it through from beginning to end, without skipping, so that the frames can be extracted.

Wait until the video has finished playing, then return to Tools > Preferences and find the Video > Filters view. Clear the check box to disable subsequent frame extraction every time you play a video in VLC!

Make a Time-Lapse: Combine the Frames

You should now have a directory full of frames from the video you selected. You’re halfway to converting the video into a time-lapse — all you need now is to stitch the frames together.

This can be easily done in VLC Media Player using the Convert/Save function. Open the Media menu and find Convert/Save . In the File tab, click Add… then browse to the location where the video frames were output. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files, then Open .

time-lapse video vlc convert

The next stage is to click the arrow beside the Convert/Save button, and choose Convert . The correct profile should auto-detect, but you can change this if necessary. In the Destination file field, click Browse to find a location to save the compiled time-lapse movie to, and give it a name.

Click Start when you’re done. A few moments later, you’ll see a compiled time-lapse movie, based on images you’ve extracted from the video file! You’ll be able to view it in any video player, and share it online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After all this, I just used the built in video editor in windows 10 to add basic titles and music.

Hope this helped!


I feel so bad that you had to write this out because I have a Mac :((( But thanks a lot for the info i really feel bad :(

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Yeah, I spent a while trying to download the new speed video and then speed it up more etc it took a while lol

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It’s ok, most of it was copied from a website anyway :)

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No! Don’t feel bad.

I love helping people. Also, I type pretty fast, so really, it’s no problem! Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you asked.

Keep Flying,

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