Question about this week’s ATC schedule

Hello everyone,
I want to know if I can fly to all the featured airports tomorrow as I’m not part of any virtual airlines. Thanks for answering

Yes! You are free to fly to any airport any day of the week. Just be aware of some TFR’s in place. :)


Just as a general fact, you can ALWAYS fly into ANY airport. Infinite Flight never closes an airport for a specific event. An event may run at an airport, but you are free to fly in at any time. But as stated above, always look out for NOTAMs and TFRs.

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Yes events are open to all of us and I totally recommend that you join in on all the fun! I would 100% join a VA so that you can really get to know the grate people behind the community in which you can learn so much from. Most importantly have fun flying!

Gliding C :)

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Yep, fly wherever you want, when you want. I certainly will be!

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Apart from very few exceptions during FNF (Friday Night Flight), but that will always be made clear in a TFR or NOTAM or similar.


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