Question About the weekly expert ATC


I have been wondering why I fly into the airports that were featured in the weekly ATC schedule but there is no ATC. I am always checking the time and the ATC should be open. I am wondering if this is because I am on expert server. Does anyone know why these airports are still closed?

Thank you

Airports that are featured in the schedule are airports ATC can open. There is only a limited number of us available so we cant open every airport featured. Expect ATC at the busiest of airports for that day. For example, tomorrow expect ATC in Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, and probably Bangkok. Other smaller airports will be opened only if a controller wants to

It is not always that all airports on the schedule is open. Often it’s just the biggest one and a few others. There’s after all only so many controllers, and all these controllers (hopefully) has a life outside IF :)

I have seen some IFATC opens on smaller airport only to find very few ppl flies there. Then they log out, we can’t blame them. How can they sit there serving 5 aircraft’s for 2hrs. I try to take off from small airports to main hub. Not hub to hub

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There are only a finite amount of ATC controllers who are willing to spend their free time to control. We are volunteering our time to provide this service. While IFATC tried to open as many airports for the day as long as possible it’s just not possible and instead open those airports with the highest demand. As for timing it really just depends on which controllers are free at the time and if they wanna open

If you would like to join the IFATC to improve airport coverage, take a look at the link provided below.


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Often times - If you see IFATC open a small airport (Charlie or Delta), they are mostly likely new IFATC members who are not yet certified to open Bravo’s. The minimum time requirement for Charlie’s and Delta’s is 30min (60min at Bravos) - and unlike the busier airports, when they are done controlling a charlie/delta there is not always another person to take over the shift like there is with the busier airports that day.

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