Question about the Subscription

Hello IFC,

I am getting a new phone in a few days and just not sure if I’m able to transfer my monthly subscription from ios to android, or do I have to purchase it again?


You are! It’s done by your account, if you sign in on that account, it’ll have the same subscription with your account data (grade, landings, etc).
However, you will have to purchase the app again, which is 5€.


@CaptainHugh I think you have to link your IF account with Google or Facebook first, unless if he’s already done it. But yeah it should be fine.

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Hey! You just need to log in on the same Apple ID as your old phone and log in with your same user on IF. Then nothing will cost money

Maybe when purchasing the app you will need to pay unless you can move your iOS data to Android.

For the account, it will work! Just ‘use another account’ I think and login!

Voila! Hope it helps!

Yeah well if he has a subscription he‘s already done that.


He’s moving from iOS to android.

When making an account, people MUST login

I’m actually making the reverse switch in a few days, so I did some research myself.



When moving operating systems from iOS to android, there is no option to transfer paid apps from iOS to android… which unfortunately, you will have to pay again. But… thankfully, IF is only about $5 bucks? Not sure in USD, SGD7

Logging in

For the account, it will work! Just ‘use another account’ I think and login!

This should pretty much solve it! Enjoy! PM me or somebody if anymore issue or question

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No. iOS and Android are 2 different softwares. Paid apps will not be downloaded on the Android device when data is transferred even if the app is recognised in the Google Play Store.

From Apple: If they’re available on both Google Play and the App Store, some of your free apps will also transfer.

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No. There is an option

Where? I have switched from iOS to Android, and I’ve never seen this option before. It also doesn’t make sense to allow paid apps to be transferred from the App Store to the Google Play Store since they are 2 different things.

No? But I saw that option before… Maybe I am wrong…

Nope, never seen it. I believe a quick search on Google would suggest that paid apps can’t be transferred.

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Yup just did that… sorry for the misinformation guys!

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Also, I believe you need to login to Google or Facebook first, before being able to login to your account with another device (since the OP is moving from iOS to Android).

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

From Infinite Flight’s website: We recommend that you have a valid Facebook or Google account to sign up for a subscription, but it is not mandatory. If you have your account linked to Facebook or Google account, you will be able to use your subscription on any support device regardless of platform and in case any issues should occur, it will be easier to recover.

I dont think so. When you click loginon a nother account, there will be thos options

Partly true. If you’re trying to login into your account with the same Apple ID on a different iOS/iPadOS device, the simulator will automatically look up the account associated with your Apple ID. Android doesn’t do this, unfortunately.

However, if you’re moving from one store to another (App Store -> Google Play or vice versa), then you will need to link your account with Google or Facebook to be able to transfer your stats.


Yeah, the OP is moving from iOS to Android, so he will need to link his account and that is why I said that. Thanks for clarifying!