Question about the scenic camera mode

i was editing a video and i noticed this.
what you’re seeing in the screen is two separate recordings of infinite flight but with the same camera mode. notice the slight difference of the perspective of the camera mode

was this done on purpose or is this happening because of the way that infinite flight is coded

sorry for the weird wording this was pretty hard to describe

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Two separate recordings… Different times?

what do you mean by that

Did you record the two at different times?

it was the same flight i just changed the clock settings throughout the recording

Hmmm. I suggest keeping the plane perfectly level. Something may have knocked it around a slight bit.

that’s weird cuz when i was recording it, the autopilot settings were the same between the two recordings…

Anything with the wind settings? If it’s that, turn it all the way down

nope, set everything to 0 and turbulence setting was set to “none”

I think I’ll take this into PM from here.

Problem was solved 👍🏻

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