Question about the ongoing IOS issue

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I hope everyone is doing well. So, I am aware this is a known issue, and in no way am I trying to report the problem. I tried to find an FAQ thread about the crashing problem but couldn’t find one.

I have a question.
In IF’s most recent blog post, they mentioned the cache. Now, is it best I do or don’t clear the cache? I have arguments for both in my head but don’t want to do it if it’ll make it worse. Hopefully this will help someone else too!

Thank you!

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That is the main thread for the IOS issue.

To clear your scenery cache please go to your settings and choose “Clear Scenery Cache” The cache is for the scenery. Pressing it often may have the opposite impact on performance as it now has to reload everything. You should only really need to press it if you have scenery that is not loading or you fall through an invisible hole in the ground. It is not a magic button that solves all problems.

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I think they’re asking whether it’s the right thing to do or not :)

See my latest edit.

Ah, okay, missed that, I think I was searching the wrong thing. So, I know how to clear my cache but was wondering if that was a good idea

Oh okay. Sorry about missing the original thread. Thank you

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It’s literally covered in the Support FAQ, pinned to this category that also says “Read before posting” ;)

But to answer the specific question;

It will most likely worsen the situation. The leak is related to the process downloading the scenery data. Tapping “Clear cache” will retrigger that process.


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