Question about the new IF Trailer

Hello there!
I am so excited about the upcoming update and I love the new trailer uploaded on YouTube.
Now I have a question. I really like the background music of this video. And so I want to aks if there is anyone who knows the title or the author of this music.

I would be glad about an answer!

Many Greetings

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You mean the premier not trailer?

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I have the same question. Was thinking about if it would okay to use in a Trailer Video, for a Presentation I’ll do in Class before Christmas. Would be good to know who to give rightful credits to and how the terms of use and copyright infringements are regarding the music.


If you have another phone or device just play The music and and then ask siri what it the music is called

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You could Shazam it

I tried that, no luck.

oh, thats too bad.

Hi Folks,

We use a library of stock music, the cost of which (to be honest) probably wouldn’t fit a budget for a project or hobby. To my knowledge, Siri and Shazam won’t know what it is.

For some really affordable stock music, check this site out:


Thank you! Greatly Appreciated!

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Thank You for the Quick Answer Jason. Since it is Royalty Free, I’ll go ahead and continue on my “Trailer” for the up coming Big School Project for Next Year :)

Can you expand on what you mean by that? It might not mean what you think it means (ie you aren’t free to use our trailer music for your own purposes - we paid for the rights to use it for the trailer).

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Hey Jason!
Is it possible, that you tell us the name of the song used in the video?

Would appreciate it!

Many Greeting

Part of the reason we use the music we do is to maintain some level of exclusivity with it, so we won’t be sharing title and author. Thanks!


In what way may I receive the rights to use the music for personal, private use? If I purchase the song, for a paid price as you guys have, am I eligible to use the music then? That would be the rightful way of doing it, correct?

I’d recommend finding different music. There are probably some similar songs to that one. Jason earlier said that they’d prefer to not release the song name, title, and origin because they want it to be more exclusive for their 19.4 premiere. Tbh, it’s just simple marketing strategies. You wouldn’t see boeing for example giving mistubishi for Example some of their part specifications because they want it to be exclusive to them.

That’s just coming from me. I’m in no terms a marketing expert, nor am I a staff member in any way.

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I suppose so. I have no objections against finding a different music. Was generally curious about the rights to that specific music although that’s fine if they wish to keep it to themselves. It does fit the Premiere fo Update 19.4 better than my own project. I’ll use one of many thousands of other music available to use for free or to purchase for usage rightfully :)


If you want to use music legally, purchase it. It’s as simple as that :)


Oh, I See, Thank You For Your Answer Jason, Appreciate It A Lot :)

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