Question about the moving surfaces

If an aircraft in real life need to roll left or right the surfaces do a huge movement depending on the aircraft speed and weight

In Infinite Flight is almost impossible to see it even in low speeds and heavy

With a high sensibility it won’t be easy to control the aircraft
With a low sensibility the surfaces almost don’t move

Why the ailerons almost don’t move? ;-;

The movements in the real world is a lot more dynamic than in the game. There are plenty of things that would have to be modelled first in order to try to reach the point where the movements mimic those in the real world. Some of that includes a revamp of the animation system which is probably not deemed feasible, though continued iterations of the game may allow for some proof of concept introductions in the future.

Alongside that, the flexing and flutters that you see in the real world are often caused by turbulent air, which is something that can be modelled in the game, but as always, there are limitations to the system. You have to remember that this is ultimately a mobile app, if there were no processing budgets, I’m sure the developers would have tried something ambitious in the past.


Thank you so much! :)

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