Question about the IFC

Hello fellow aviation enthusiasts. I have a question regarding actual flying in IF. I was just wondering where these type of topics are supposed to be placed into? Thanks!

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Hi there, if you are just making a topic about anything put it as general. If it has screenshots and videos put it under the screenshots and videos catorgory. If you need help with something put it under support.

Yes. Its just that I think that a new category could be created to include questions about i.e cruise speeds etc. What are your opinions?

Guidelines for every topic of a category have been pinned at the top of each category.

These may go in the #general category.

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You can post in #live. Always have #general as a last resort. 🙂

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But @Thomas_G you could also ask a question about i.e cruise speeds in solo also soooo…

So, #general then


True. (Ten Characters)

Why can’t I go to thirdparty. to email you guys You know I love thirdparty

Do you mean like Mail?

Yes. It means mail

You can PM someone???

Yes you can. Go to here* or tap on someone’s profile to see the blue button that says ‘Message’. It’s basically like a private topic between you and the users that you invite or are already in the group.

*Link only will work for the OP.

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