Question about the F-18 afterburner

Will the F-18’s afterburner engage at a certain throttle or will there be a separate option to engage it at full throttle?

At Oshkosh, there wasn’t an option to toggle the burner, but that could have changed.


Ok! Thanks for the help!

It was shared on discord that the after-burners will engage at a certain point in throttle.


There is no afterburner detent for the f18. I was in VFA 105 The Gunslingers as a Mechanic and when we do an engine turn you push the throttle to military which is 100% and about 130% is zone 5 afterburner but you just push it forward. On the f14a they had afterburner detent which was a button you click to switch through all 5 zones of afterburner.


Just curious, once mil power was reached would compressor RPM increase beyond 100% or just modulation of the burners for the extra power?

There is no button for burners. It’s a weird motion you have to do. But for the after burner in IF it’s 90 percent and above on the stick


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