Question about the Buildings

Hey fam!! Quick question… Is there an option or a setting that I could turn off or hide the buildings? If anyone wants to know why, I want to wait until all the airports have buildings to turn them on


Hey there! buildings would currently only be available for open beta users, and by opting out you’d be able to fly to airports which would otherwise have 3D buildings, but not see them since you’re on the last stable release (20.3). However, if you’re on the open beta, I don’t think it’s an option to turn 3D buildings off, though I may be wrong.

Hope this helps!


That’s gonna take ages you know… 3-4 years at least if you ask me.

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I suppose if you don’t want to have the full beautiful looks of the buildings, I’d turn all building and object rendering to the lowest setting.

Also, make sure to ask open beta questions here: Ask Open Beta Questions Here

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@Drummer @LordWizrak @tunamkol I appreciate all the responses, but I want them gone completely. I don’t mind waiting a couple years. I’ve been doing it all this time 😂😂

You can revert back to 20.3 and they’ll be gone.


like @Drummer said, reverting back to the 20.3 update would take them out completely, but besides that i dont believe there will be an option to turn them on/off in the near future

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