Question about the Alitalia MD-11

Not really an issue but… the green paint on the Alitalia livery on the md-11 looks pretty darker then what it shown on other Alitalia airliner

And on the real picture of I-DUPC (It’s in Infinite flight) shows the green paint looks relevant and greener

So is it just because it’s old maybe it was repainted or something else

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I dont know, many pictures look quite realistic with the colouring. Most probably how the second picture is lit is giving you a hard time to comprehend it.



These are coming from the exact same airframe.

Well maybe you right since some of the photos quality kinda changes and might almost look the same in Infinite flight image
And the newer ones of the plane shows it had that color

Highly doubt it is repainted too. The picture you showed of the brighter MD-11 was from 1997. I’ve found a photo from 1994 which has the same dark scheme. I’m positive it’s just the lighting.

Actually I would agree with @Tsumia on that one. From browsing photos of their planes on JetPhotos it seems that they had darkish green stripes in the 90s and switched to a lighter green around around 2002

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Could I suggest changing the time of day around? Probably the lighting.

Maybe this counts

The sunset one is pretty close

Yeah it makes it a whole lot different. Thanks for the demonstration!

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