Question about the 737-500 and -600

So around the 737 Classics -300, -400, -500 they personally have upgraded winglets to look good
Like in the 737NG


But in the -600 is the only NG To don’t have winglets for some reason

Don’t really know why, is it because how unpopular the aircraft is or it’s just unable

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Oh dear why did I post 2 737-500 even though I did one :/

My guess would be because it’s not very popular because some of the other NG 737s originally didn’t have winglets. And then later on it was standard when airlines started retrofitting them with the winglets. The -600 was very close to the -700 in capacity but the -700 was more powerful, so most of the -600s were never retrofitted.
Just my guess, it makes the most sense to me.

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It’s generally at the discretion of the airline, if an airline wants it, they’ll add them, if they don’t, whatever.

Not the best source, but you can see why airlines in general stuck with adding winglets to the -700, they had more of them compared to the -600. So they just let the -600s be

I think it’s because of the shape of the wing which can’t have winglets added. I know that’s true with some older planes like the 757 and such.

Yeah that’s probably a big factor. It’s wings are different compared to the -700 (at least it appears that way)
I mean the -600 was a flop sadly

I mean it could be a good replacement for -500 and older -200 but ok

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Yeah but it had less the 100 orders. Compared to the -700 which had over 1,000. That’s the only reason why I said it was a flop.

I mean from my last topic about the 767-400 it got like 40-50 orders so was it a flop also

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Westjet was supposed to be the launch customer of the 737-600‘s winglets. However, deal broke down and as a result, combined with no new orders, the plan of a 737-600WL was shelved.

Oh ok I didn’t know you were referencing that.
Yeah it’s sad, I guess it was just better to get the 777 because of more range and seating, even though the classification for the 767-400 was probably the same as the -300, hence why they made it.

737-600 was basically a NG version of 737-500, so it was much more efficient than it from the start. 737-500 was introduced at the time when big regional jets like ERJ190/195 were nonexistant, so it was the go-to big regional plane. 737-600 meanwhile was released when 737-500 weren’t old enough to replace them, but the ERJ was already around the corner, making it a niche aircraft like A318. And, as you would expect, no airline would bother with caring about a niche aircraft which isn’t as rugged as 737 classics, they would just order the 737-700 or some of the regional jets of 2000’s

Or just the A220 since it’s already rising

Please keep in mind the timeframe though - when A220 program was announced a year already passed since 737-600 production was stopped.

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