Question: About Taxiing

Last time I played this game
When I was taxing I didn’t used my yoke to turn but I change me phone I couldn’t found the setting can anyone tell me…?

P.S I’m a Taiwan 15years old student so my Grammer is not very well

It’s called auto coordination, I have it turned off and I use the rudder to taxi


現在怎樣了?好了嗎? (How now? OK already?)

其實兩個都可以用的。(Actually you can use both.)

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@adrianyujs… MaxSez: Pls alway provide an English Translation. English is the Forums comman languege and Aviations , Regards

"Now what the ? Ok?

In fact, both can be used"


Please refrain from using google translate in order to speak to someone in another language you’re not fluent in, it can make the situation worse or confusing, since google translate can sometimes be inaccurate. Thank you! :)

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Sorry I know multiple language, I’m Chinese and English fluent language, I’m not using google translate.

As the poster is from Taiwan and I’m using Taiwan language communicate with him and I translate for you all to understand more.

It’s, ok, I jist wanted to put it out there :) wasn’t aiming specifically at you tho

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