Question about Taxi to Parking

So I have a quick question about Taxi to Parking.

If you just landed in, lets say, KLAX and are taxing off the runway to a gate, and you request permission to taxi to parking, but it takes the ATC a while to respond, do you stop the plane on the taxiway and wait? Or continue taxing without permission.



Best to make sure you are all the way passed the hold short and hold your position until they respond. If you are sitting there and there is no response on the ground frequency then send the request once more. If it’s busy you may have to wait a few moments for the controller to acknowledge and send a command. Did you experience an issue recently?


you leave the track and wait for the door dependency to assign you a gate

If it’s a busy airport I’d just continue moving and request to park after passing the hold short line. Controller will soon acknowledge as I might be moving towards an aircraft and controller doesn’t want me taxiing through another aircraft.

Wait but let’s say I just landed at KSAN and it is crowded. I did not receive the taxi to parking message but I did clear the hold short line, but now I’m interfering with the flowing traffic.

What do I do? Do I just wait for ATC to notice that there is a plane blocking the traffic flow and tells me to go to parking?

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Aircrafts exiting the runway, should have priority. Aircrafts on Ground should give way. They should know that, and the ATC should watch for this.

On some aieports, exiting the runway puts you more or less straight onto the platform. In thoses cases, it cant be avoided that an aircraft exiting obstructs platform traffic. Thats fine. ATCs should give priority to ‘parking requests’, to get you out of the way.


As a controller, I hate it when people vacate the runway and stop waiting for me to acknowledge their taxi to parking request. I know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing (hopefully), everyone else on the airport nearby knows what you’re doing. Just keep taxiing at a safe speed. As an arrival, you have priority. It might take a moment for a controller to go back to their ground frequency.

Or worse, stop without crossing the hold line and thus are still on the runway. I can’t get a departure rolling or take another arrival with the runway still occupied. Get your APU over that hold line. It’s dashed on the runway side for a reason.

As a pilot, I do exactly as mentioned about. I stay on tower until I’m completely over the hold line, at a safe taxi speed and have sorted out any immediate issues like making another turn to a parallel taxiway, clean up the aircraft, turn off the white anti-collision and landing lights, etc. Then I contact ground and request taxi to parking on the move and keep on moving. If for whatever reason I don’t receive a reply by the time I reach a taxiway hold line or am about to enter a non-movement area, I’ll then stop, send the request again and await a reply before proceeding.


Thanks. Yes - I landed at Heathrow and I just waited on the taxiway until I got permission. It was on training though.

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