Question about Tampa

So Tampa recently got buildings and I was wondering if there’s any plans to add trains to people mover systems at airports as a custom model in the future for example when doing bigger airports like DFW which extensively uses people movers it’s not something crucial but I was wondering if there will be custom trains for each airport that has them


If any of the staff can tell me what the plans are for airports with people movers or trains like DFW Tampa and Miami that would be appreciated i’m hoping we get custom track models and train models

Nice idea, perhaps you could make a #features request about it as many airports have similar systems. However, it’s important to remember that this is a flight simulator and not a train sim

Great Idea @Ethan_Brown! You should make a #features request. I’d love this!

It’s just an animation we will add, we’re not trying to develop one lol.

Adding onto the above, I do not believe this would fit under a feature request as ideally you’d want the most realistic units operating on the lines, meaning for a good amount of realism you’d want something realistic looking to that airport

Unless you want a generic looking train, however again this is likely far off and unless it is animated, would not be worth an entire model personally.


You are right I would like custom trains for each airport for example the trains at Tampa look nothing like the trains at Dallas and it would look weird to have a generic train I’m thinking of a custom model like we do custom terminals and towers It doesn’t need to be animated it just could be static like the cars in the parking lot

I don’t really see a point in animated trains but perhaps just one static train on the track would suffice.

Exactly no point in animated trains at least for the start but definitely multiple static trains on the track


Yes I love this idea! You should create a feature request for this!

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There can only be one type of train…



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