Question about takeoff announcement using unicom

Quick question here. I searched for an answer on the forum first but couldnt find an answer. When on unicom and announcing takeoff, it prompts you to state which direction you are departing. Either North, South, East, West or Straight Out. My question is do we choose the direction based off of heading, or do we state the true direction to which we are going. For example, lets say I’m departing from runway 28L at KPDX. I am heading to KSEA. In order to get there I have to turn right after take off. Would that mean I have to say i’m departing east or would I say North because KSEA is North of KPDX. Sorry if i’m confusing you.


State the direction you will be going to depart the airspace. In the example you described you are initially going west (28) but the other pilots will know that since you’ve announced the runway you’re taking off from. You would announce departing to the north since that’s the way you will turn to.


I would say north because that is the direction in which I’m leaving the airport’s airspace. I may be wrong, though.

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I was taught that it was how you are leaving the airport area (first small green circle),

if heading 315-045 = North, if 045 - 135 = East, if 135-225 = South and if 225-315 = West. make sure you file that flight plan!


I always file a flight plan. Thanks for the help

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If I may also add, this doesn’t just apply to unicom. When requesting takeoff with active ATC, you must state direction of departure as well.


The direction in which you will be departing from the airspace.

If you are departing past the ILS/gps cone before making a turn use departing straight out. Otherwise, state the direction you will departing the airspace

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