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I was wondering roughly how many people have an active infinite flight subscription

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I do, and I feel like a lot of people on the IFC also have an active subscription.

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i think you can make a poll to see how many people have subscription

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alright, I’ll do that

Open LiveFlight and go see how many people have the subscription on all 3 servers.

I’d be amazed if all 79,585 forum members voted. Even then, it wouldn’t be accurate as there are many subscribers without an IFC account.

This isn’t necessarily an accurate representation, as the chances of every individual with an Infinite Flight Pro subscription flying at this very moment is just about zero.


Welcome back! I hope all is well.

To answer your question, without digging deep into the Infinite Flight galaxy (i.e., asking a staff member, who would likely not share anyway), I’d imagine there is no definitive way for us (average community members) to determine how many individuals have an active subscription. However, if I had to fathom a guess, I’d say there are tens of thousands. 🗺


is that really how many people are on this site? i thought it would be smaller

There are 79,585 members with an active forum account, ~11,900 (~15%) of which were active in the last 30 days.

The IFC has had a total of roughly 86,900 members.


Active Accounts.

Total Accounts & Active/month.


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