Question about stepclimbs

I know VNAV is only for descending but is there a way to step climb? I already looked in the user guide.

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Only for your descent phase of flight currently. In the future though, the goal is to implement VNAV for step climbing as well

Yes but is there a way to step climb?

Currently no. The only way to step climb in 20.1 is to be present at your device and to manually climb

Thanks, if anyone else comes up with something, please tell me.

The only way to step climb is by using a third party app called In-Flight Assistant. It can be downloaded from the app/play store!

Does it charge to step climb??

I don’t think so, the base app should come with that

Try this. It includes the full VNAV feature, including the climbs! I use it on every flight for step climbing!

It does cost some money, I believe upwards of $5

This is not exactly true…check my above post 👆🏽

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