Question About STARS

As far as I’m aware when approaching an airport, you go in via the arrival and once you reach the end of that you switch to the approach FPL. BUT most of the arrivals have the endpoint as the airport and if you remove it the green bar goes away. Can someone kind of explain how to fly into an airport using these? The tutorial video on doesn’t apply to each airport.


This has been brought up before and will be addressed at some point. At the moment your best course of action is to ignore the waypoint which is the airport and plug in your approach as usual. When you’ll be flying the said approach, simply skip it by clicking “activate leg” (on the flight planning page) on the waypoint right after. I know this isn’t ideal but hope this helps :)

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Adding to this, you have to add the last waypoint of the STAR back

go take a look in this, it should help you ;)

You should skip it while you fly, it the same way if you copy your flight plan from

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