Question About ‘Solved’

Hey IFC,
I’ve been seeing the solved icon on people’s profile and was just wondering how it worked and how to get it.


you see it on a support topic when they have been given the mark of being the solution to a topic. it isnt just a regular tag

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Yep, you see the “Solved” ✅ icon when the user found your solution helpful, in any #support topic. Keep helping and find many ways to help others and you may increase the Solution Count.

A Solution is counted if the user found your information working or helpful.

But just as equally, please don’t be that guy that repeatedly posts “have you tried restarting your device” or “try clearing scenery cache” when it’s not at all relevant, or “try uninstalling”… Because 9/10 times, they’re actually super unhelpful and just make it more confusing for the OP when they’re struggling.

Contribute if you know what you’re doing 🙂


Which segways into this:


Helping the guys. You get this beautiful emblem!

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