Question about SID’s

Quick question about SID’s in infinite flight. Is the altitude at a waypoint the minimum or the maximum altitude you can fly?


It’s the minimum

Those are MSA’s, or Minimum Safe Altitudes.

Not quite true. Currently, the system doesn’t ‘understand’ whether the altitudes are minimum or maximum (this may change in a future iteration of the system) and thus just gives the raw altitudes from the dataset. So, for example, most departures from Heathrow have an altitude restriction of 6,000 feet due to inbound traffic hence the altitude is a maximum which you must maintain until the restriction(s) clears. The simulator doesn’t recognise this; so to answer your question, it depends. You’ll need to look up the charts yourself to find out if they’re a maximum or a minimum.


Short answer: it depends.
You’d have to consult the instrument chart and check. Some departure procedures have “at-or-above” altitudes at each fix, some have “at-or-below-“ altitudes.
Usually though, the procedure that’s followed is hard altitudes (not above, not below), unless otherwise assigned by ATC.
Infinite Flight doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between minimum or maximum. And for SIDs, VNAV doesn’t work on a climb - only on a descent.


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