Question about SID and STAR

Hello everybody, I have a question for you: can I modificate the weypoints altitudes or If there isn’t an altitudine can I choose ah altitude at my own chiose in SID and STAR?Thank you.

A lot of the time on charts there will be an altitude range at a specific waypoint (say you need to be between 9000 and 15000ft at waypoint X). Unfortunately, Infinite Flight selects just one of these altitudes and it isn’t consistent. You will need to find the chart itself to know exactly what the altitude restrictions are.


This is true. But also note that IFATC won’t enforce this, so you can, I suppose, do whatever you want to the altitudes. The charts make it way more realistic though.

Quite often the altitudes in IF will make for an either unachievable steep descent, or massive and unnecessary level segments.

Modifying the route is trickier. To do this, you have to delete a waypoint. By doing that, it actually gets rid of the procedure from the FPL. All the WPTs and their entered ALTs are still there, but ATC won’t be able to easily see you have a PROC filed. If the ATIS says “use of departure and arrival procedures required” this might be a problem.

Ok thank you.

The FAA will forgive you. Google “charts” if you care that much.

If all you need to do is remove the altitude restrictions from the flight plan, you can do that without removing waypoints. If you select the waypoint with the altitude you want to change or just get rid of all together, you can just go to Set Alt. on that waypoint and then clear the text. Once you save it there shouldn’t be any altitude restrictions for that waypoint.

I was talking there about changing the lateral routing

that’s not possible

Then every saved flight plan is a problem. In my experience ATC doesn’t care as long as there’s some waypoints close by and that you don’t turn into other planes. They might not even check your fpl anyway.

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