Question about servers

Hello IFC I have a question

I will be hosting my first group flight event but I do not know what server to do it in

PM me if you have any suggestions or vote below

  • Expert
  • Training
  • Casual
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Depends on the event you want to do. If you a realistic flight use training or expert. Training is commonly used since majority of IF players are at that level.

If you want IFATC use Expert.

And if you want an airshow use Casual.


ok, it is a short route Samoa field to Alturas muni on the TBN-930

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For a group flight, id recommend expert server.

ok thank you

I will be making my event on the expert server

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I love casual events but sometimes, they can be outrageous.

what server do you prefer training or casual

From my experience, I have found that the training server works best for group flights. It allows for more people to join, and the more people, the more fun.


Yes. There may be trolls on training, but as long as you avoid KLAX and EGLL you should be fine.

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I think that the training server is better than the casual server as it still allows people to join but still having a level of screening.

Thank you to all who voted. I will make my event on the expert server. I will maybe make one of my events on the casual or training server

I made my event. I hope you all join

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