Question about servers

Hello! Noob here. I am grade 3 right now and on the expert server I am only with other grade 3s. Are grade 3, 4 and 5 separated?

Nope, people from the Grades 3, 4 and 5 fly in the expert server together

Nope. There’s lots of Grade 4 and 5 users on there too! You just have to keep looking :)

You might find some on the Casual or Training server too, farming landings to keep up their grade!

Bear in mind that a lot of people don’t keep up with the landing requirements for Grade 4 and 5, and their grade slips down. Hence the number of active Grade 4+ users might be lower, at any given time, compared to Grade 3.

As CaptainSooraj said, it might simply be because of grades slipping down. I’ve hit grade 4 several times, but then I might not be able to fly for a bit because I’m just busy with life and it’s enough time to drop me down to 3. Just know there are definitely grade 4 and 5 folks on expert server!

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