Question About Salt Lake City Airport

I just finished the Flash Flight to Salt Lake City and I noticed something was off at the airport. I recently flew out of Salt Lake City, and I remember there being two terminals; however, I noticed that there is only one in Infinite Flight. I was wondering if this was an issue with the airport that is being updated, or if something else is going on. Overall, the Flash Flight was extremely fun, but I just had this lingering question about the airport.

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The navigation database might not be up to date for that airport yet but I’m sure it will be fixed soo

The SLC airport recently was completely rebuilt and has not been updated yet because the imaging for the area has not been updated. But, it is thought that we will get SLC in 21.8 so we will just have to see how that goes.

The picture shared on Instagram was LAX and not SLC. Source: Cameron

Regardless, you’re correct. There isn’t updated satellite imagery of the completed construction to base the airport off of.

Ohh that’s kinda sad but glad to know.

SLC airport is currently still be renovated. New terminals are built with an future extension.

They will eventually update KSLC

It will be updated in due course 🙂