Question about `RunCommand` in Connect v2 API

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Quick question about the Connect v2 API documentation.

In the documentation there is reference to RunCommand and the documentation reads:

A RunCommand is sent by sending:

  1. The integer value of the ID of the command you would like to send.
  2. A false boolean value

For example, sending 1048634 then false will toggle the autopilot.

Am I right in assuming this is out-of-date? I previously received commands like this one in manifests using the v2 API:


But, I no longer see these commands in a representative manifest for an A321, for example. Does that mean these commands no longer exist and RunCommand is effectively deprecated in favour of using SetState with commands such as aircraft/0/systems/autopilot/on?


I can still see the A/P toggle command and the others in the same format ( commands/* ) listed in the manifest, including when Iā€™m spawning the A220.

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Strange. Let me try another aircraft ā€“ and another device and network. I wonder if there is something wrong in my local environment.

Yup. Another aircraft on a another device returns a manifest with these. Iā€™m going to wipe and reinstall IF on the device in question that triggered my OP.