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Hey there i’m trying to plan a flight from newark to hong kong and i’m just wondering if anyone has any flight plans and callsigns IRL

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There aren’t any IRL flights for that route, so I don’t have a callsign. As for a flight plan, you can head over to Infinite Flight FPL Converter and make one there.

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Use Simbrief fpl to IF website!

United 179 used to operate KEWR-VHHH. Unfortunately, United has suspended the route indefinitely. Cathay also operated the route, but I believe that it is permanently suspended.

If you’re looking for some quick and semi-realistic FPLs between the two airports, use the link below!


thanks everyone love y’all
idk how closing this post works but i’ve got everything figured out so cheerio ❤️

This is not necessarily true, Pre COVID Cathay sent their A359 as CX899

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Ah, ok. I was pulling my information from current time.

yeah i saw that after some research 🧐

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