Question about reqest of take off

When I’m holding short a runwey and There are lot’s of airplanes should I need to request take off when I am the first before the line of holding short or only when I’m near the line but I am not the first? And also When I am in frequence unicom, should I need to communicate holding short when I am the first bedore the line of holding short or also when I am near the line but not the first?

Request takeoff when you’re ready for takeoff, and on Unicom declare your departure when you’re ready for takeoff. Also I think this should be in Support

Ok thank you. I don’t make this in support because I have connection peoblems and it did’t change

No, it should not be. Support is for app related issues.

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Yes, when ATC is active request departure when you’re the first in line.

If there’s no one on final, and you’re first in line, you can immediately declare your departure. If you’re in a line holding short of the runway, I would just state holding short when I’m first in line. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)

No. It’s a general question. Not an issue with the app.

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Category guidelines for you to read before you suggest the wrong category again:

With ATC:

  1. Only request takeoff when you are ready
  2. If first in line, request departure > runway > direction (SO/N/E/S/W/Circuit) > send
  3. If not first in line, request departure > runway > direction (SO/N/E/S/W/Circuit) > in sequence

Without ATC:

This is kinda subjective. The fact that you are holding short when in a line is obvious, so don’t bother then. I announce takeoff when entering the runway, although some do it on beginning the takeoff roll. Some people do both but I think that’s overkill.

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Would be nice if we had a “Lining up runway XX” function. Also an option to anounce backtrack/backtaxi.


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