Question about reports and grades

Hello everyone!

First off, no this is not another how can I protest a report topic. I accidentally flew on expert when I thought I was in casual 😂😬. I got a (well deserved) report at about 2200 Zulu last Friday.

Will it count my report still within the last seven days on all of Friday, even though it will have been over 7 24 hour periods after 2200 Zulu then, or will I have a report for all of Friday within the last 7 days?

I’m curious because I’d like to participate in the last few hours on FNF in expert on Friday. I found it hard to word this, so if you’re confused just pm me. Thanks for your help!

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Hello! It will fall off from your 7 day thing when it’s been exactly 7 days. So 2200Z if that was the time you got reported :)


Ok thank you very much! Yay I can go to FNF!


If you get five though it will take two years for them to fall off
Edit: if you get five it will take a year to fall off but two years off grades 4 and 5

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Yes I’m aware of that. I gotta make sure I don’t make that mistake again 😬🤦‍♂️


Don’t worry about this - I’m sure lots of us have done this at some point (I’ve done it).