Question about Report

I was recently reported due to me not contacting atc upon landing as I thought I was in training server where there was no atc but I was in expert🥴 and I was wondering if he needed to give me a warning prior to ghosting me straight up.

Like that I was in active airspace or something

I do believe there is something to warn you. However I don’t believe they have to if you are being really in realistic.

Look in your logbook and see who Reported you by clicking on ‘info’ or more info. I’m sure a member will post the name of the controller who reported you and PM him about why you got ghosted.

Hint: be very kind, don’t sound angry at them, they are only trying to make the community a better place. Admit your mistakes. I can’t promise it but just taking it and admitting what you did, with knowledge not to do it again, could get your report removed. Don’t count me on that at all, but some controllers are nice like that :)

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You can contact the controller who ghosted you via PM

Sometimes you get ghosted without warning.Contact your controller to discuss it with him/her

I have it was dwane s and he hasn’t responded yet… I just was wondering about that…

Also check in the replay that he gave you a 'your In an active airspace). Was it Approach? If it’s tower whilst your in their airspace and descending then… pretty much theres your answer.

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So you’re saying you were not on his frequency? How he’ll give u a warning? Anyways, contact the controller personally and discuss it.

No he didnt give me that at all

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You can give a persona a warning not on their frequency

That doesn’t require a warning though.Please contact @Dwane_S as I instructed you above :)

and yes I know I just click off of it straight away

I have dont worry

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Ok. Check your logbook to see who ghosted you, then we will give you the controller of whom you can PM.

It is @Dwane_S

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I have contacted him

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Ok. It may take time for him to reply since he is controlling, so until then I believe this post should be closed, even though that’s not in my power. :) Happy Flying!

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