Question about Replays

when they update is on the app store does all the replays go away

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No, replays do not get deleted (as far as I’m aware)


They shouldn’t be deleted when you update, however, if you have some precious replays you want to preserve, a good thing would be to back them up somewhere like google drive, because all kinds of stuff can happen with betas


how do i back it up

You can store your replays with cloud storage softwares like Dropbox or Google Drive. Alternatively, you may also use, but do note that replays uploaded there will be deleted after 14 days.

okay thanks

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Replays are only removed if you delete them manually OR you uninstall the application. Doing an in-place update will not remove replays.


Also when updating to open beta, your replays will be removed while transferring to the beta build.

That didn’t happen to me…

I will test it out but that has not been my experience. Are you sure you did not uninstall or go back to previous versions?

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When I installed beta, all my replays were missing. I had thought that was supposed to happen 🤔

Mine did not disappear when I downloaded beta…

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