Question about renewing

No you dont. You’ll get 365 onlu

I don’t think so.

So still contradicting information.

I don’t think @dush19 is correct, I remember something earlier on this, and the live continued with renewal.

I think when I switched from Live to Live+ before Live ended I lost a couple of days of Live.
It seems I renewed Live+ two days after the earlier Live+ subscription ended, so I don’t know.

According to this it should add a year to the current Live+!!

If you renew through app stores (iOS/Google) you lose the remaining days. If you renew through FDS website they add 365 to your remaining. I’ve done it before both ways.

In the end it’s always better to go through FDS website, they earn more and you get your new subscription added to your remaining subscription. It’s a win-win.

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And now I can’t login to the site with Facebook anymore. 🙁
It worked fine earlier.

Try contacting David, he may be able to help you out :)

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That was a one-day (or short period) offer, doesnt apply everytime

He’s referring to the fact that they have the ability to add on to the current subscription, not the promotion.

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They have the ability to do anything, right from adding 3000k XP or adding 25 years of Live :)

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There seems to be a bigger issue at the moment.

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I’d also confirm with David about adding on top of your Live sub. I’ve done it with a month of Live and Live+ but never 2 Live plus subscriptions. I also found this thread.

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Hmm, maybe they’re doing maintenance?

More contradicting information. 🙁

I moved this to #support. Hopefully we can get an exact answer from a staff member.

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I just sent David a message about it.

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FDS: “Subscriptions don’t prorate. Sorry. It would be nice, and I think it’s being looked at, but for now the best course to follow is to hold off as long as possible before renewing.”.

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