Question about renewing

I have a running live+ ends next june
What will happen if i bought one now?
Will my old one ne cancled?
I will be buying it from the website
Thanks guys

You’ll have a new sub which will end in August 2017


So it wont fully renew my live+?

It will get you 365 days more of Live+

No It wont.

And @anon45516261, your statement is false. Stop spreading false information

It’ll add up more day in your currently subscription.

Ley say you left 30 days to expired, then you purchased live+ again then you will get 365 + 30 days so u got 395 days subscription.

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Still contradicting information.
Will a new Live+ subscription start at the time it’s purchased, or will it be added to the current subscription?
I’ve done it before, but I can’t remember.
I’ve still got more than 2 months left. Can I update now without loosing those?

I’m almost certain that your remaining days will be added. For example, you have 60 days left and you purchase another subscription, you get 60+365 days of live.

No you dont. You’ll get 365 onlu

I don’t think so.

So still contradicting information.

I don’t think @dush19 is correct, I remember something earlier on this, and the live continued with renewal.

I think when I switched from Live to Live+ before Live ended I lost a couple of days of Live.
It seems I renewed Live+ two days after the earlier Live+ subscription ended, so I don’t know.

According to this it should add a year to the current Live+!!

If you renew through app stores (iOS/Google) you lose the remaining days. If you renew through FDS website they add 365 to your remaining. I’ve done it before both ways.

In the end it’s always better to go through FDS website, they earn more and you get your new subscription added to your remaining subscription. It’s a win-win.

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And now I can’t login to the site with Facebook anymore. 🙁
It worked fine earlier.

Try contacting David, he may be able to help you out :)

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That was a one-day (or short period) offer, doesnt apply everytime

He’s referring to the fact that they have the ability to add on to the current subscription, not the promotion.

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They have the ability to do anything, right from adding 3000k XP or adding 25 years of Live :)

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