Question about relevance of heading of the runway.


I was talking with a fellow member community earlier today about the relevance of the runway heading that you can see in the ILS selector, he as a RL pilot said that: “if you knew how to fly an ILS you would know the heading for the runway doesn’t matter”.

As i’m new to infinite flight and to flight simulators (no more than a year), i would like to know exactly why is that peice of info there, just for calculating the wind correction, in case it’s neccesary? Does it have any other function?

Because i also always used it to make a smooth approach without heavy turns, calcultating smooths turns to get centered on the localizer.

In the picture you can see what im talking about.


Pardon me if my english is not entirely correct.

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The heading, relates to the heading of the ILS runway in question. For example, 27 at KSAN, if you selected the ILS for 27, it would show as 274 degrees as that is the heading of the runway :)


The heading listed is the actual direction of the runway and not the heading you should be flying at with winds. With winds that arent a perfect headwind or at 0kts you will need to adjust your aircraft’s heading to land and that can vary on multiple factors

The runway’s heading is nothing more than being aware of your relative heading but besides that dont pay attention to flying that heading as when you account for winds you will be flying 1-2 degrees in light winds.

With an ILS it doesnt matter what heading the runway is at. All that matters is keeping yourself lined up on the ILS. When you care about flying the RWY heading instead of keeping yourself centered on the ILS you wont land centered on the runway or on the runway at all.


👆 Exactly my point right there. We already know what relative heading we will be flying when selecting the runway. The actual runway heading is completely pointless when flying the localizer.


That’s simply what he’s asking 👍 I assume that’s correct @Diegar?


Yes, exactly. Thanks to everyone for the info. 😁

You’re welcome. Hope this helped :)

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