Question about release notes

Under the release notes of 20.2, IF stated that they fixed the 777 flaps. But, the flap extension isn’t fixed yet. I am confused. The flaps extend down but not out. The leading edge of the flap should almost be viewable (like the A350). In the end, the wing looks weird! P.S even though the angles are slight different, it still shows the issue.

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I dont think this is a question that belongs in #support, but it does say that the B777 flaps were fixed.

Your camera position in-game is diffrent from the photo in real life.

It doesn’t make a difference. If you go into IF and make it as the same view, the flaps still don’t look normal. The flaps extend downward but not out.

Not going to lie, but to me seems fine.

That’s the right angle
I think the 3rd bit(I don’t know my flap terminology) just past the flaperon looks a little short or doesn’t come down enough
Maybe that’s what @ajm01271 is trying to say

Pretty much. All it needs is to come a little more out. If you use the 777-200 it looks kinda more weird

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