Question about proper command.

When passing over KPSP on my way to KLAX, I am requested to state my intentions, I did not know what to send out, and I feel bad, for sending the wrong stuff to ATC. So my question is when flying over an airspace in IF what is the proper response to an intentions request?

It depends what frequency you were on

Was on Intl Twr, but didn’t know why to say.

If you want to fly over an airspace without the intention of landing, you should request for a transition. They’ll usually give you somewhere around 3000-4000 feet.

If you’re flying on the training server, they’ll give you sometimes give you something like 12000 feet, that’s incorrect and the controller has no idea what he’s doing.

You can check out more tutorials here.

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You shouldn’t be in contact with Tower unless you’re in his is airspace when overflying. The Airspace in IF is 0-5000FT AGL everywhere, if you are above that, you shouldn’t call in.
If you are below 5000FT AGL, you should tune into their frequency and request a Transition.

However, I assume this happened on TS1, where most of the controllers don’t know what they’re doing. :)


To clarify what the posts above have said:

If you are above 5000 feet AGL, don’t even go on the tower frequency. On TS1, if the tower sends you an ‘on-guard’ message (they shouldn’t, but it happens) just request a transition. It’s the simplest way to prevent further messages and show what you’re intentions are.

If you are under 5000 feet AGL, then contact tower and request a transition.

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