Question about Project Metal

So I’ve heard a lot about project metal project metal fix the infinite flight lighting issue such as no logo lights and very dim lights my question is will they add the correct lighting and better brightness to project metal another question I’ve had is is project metal when they add clouds terminals- buildings Jet bridges taxiway markings and runway signage as well as approach lighting and vehicles such as pushback Trucks and cargo tugs Also will it include the modern system that is used to bring planes into the gate like the whole waiting system that tells them when to stop at the gate



All I know is the clouds and lighting are planned for project metal

Not sure about this

You know instead of having men direct the planes into the gate they have a new lighting system that does it and it’s in front of the plane on the side of the building

The lighting in Project Metal is mainly concerning airfield lights. I highly doubt this will come in it.

Yeah I know they’re probably going to fix the airfield Whiteley taxiway lights and I hope they had approach lighting but I hope they also fix the aircraft lighting as you know The aircraft lighting is pretty bad

It’s my understanding that the IFAET codes in the taxiway lighting when they edit airports. I believe project metal may allow IF to finally activate those, thus making night ground operations more effective.

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Project Metal is about the graphics engine… it will allow us to create more realistic simulation of lights, and allow for a more performance-beneficial game (among other things).

It has been said that more realistic lights and airport ops will be apart of this future update :)


Ok But will they add the features I talked about in later updates or in project metal or they have to be occur after project metal

This is unknown at the moment. We hope to see them as soon as possible though ;)

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Will this mean landing lights will now shine on the ground?

We hope this is true, however we can only wait for future info to be released.


For the time being, the rollout of vulkan/ metal would be mostly seamless, meaning you wouldn’t visually notice many differences, maybe a boost in performance.

Everything you’ve requested in the first post has a feature request to be added, and potentially several of them will be added in due course. Lots of these things are complicated and will have to deal with the limitations of a mobile device, which takes time.

Everything will come in due course, you just need to be patient. Rewriting the graphics backend of an app is a process that need not be rushed 😃

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I sure hope so as well as aircraft taxi lights and very bright aircraft takeoff lights


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