Question about prioritizing 3D Airport design

Let me start by saying thank you 3D Airport designers and artists ! Your hard work has improved the IF experience a thousand fold. My question is related to how you are choosing the airports to upgrade to 3D or prioritizing them. Why are more abscure or low traffic
airports being worked on before the majors and gateway facilities? This assumes most all airports in IF will someday be in 3D with buildings.

Why do we see first Salta before Buenos Aires and Toronto City before Toronto Int’l ? Can airports like Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Madrid, Shanghai, Vancouver, Seatac, Delhi, Bejing, Chicago, Houston , Frankfurt etc. etc. be released before Ottawa and Bora Bora ?

I don’t have access to hard IF user data but it seems like many users are flying around the world into larger key and gateway airports so can they be considered first in the design hierarchy ? The first batch of 3D airports seemed to follow this prioritization.

So again thank you for the hard work and great experience of what we have now !

I in no way am complaining or mean any disrespect just trying to understand the logic

Cheers !

Infinite Flight is working on all types of airports across the entire world and will continue to pursue this strategy moving forward. While the majority (so it seems) prefer the commercial airline sector; Remember that some Infinite Flight users enjoy general aviation and others prefer military. Infinite Flight has always catered to all and will continue to do so throughout this strategy

All of the airports that you listed will eventually be 3D edited but no specific timeline has been listed