Question about “Post needs approval”

👋! Just a few quick questions about post needing approval thing, which categories are affected by this, and how long on average does it take for a post to be approved, and how do you know if your post has been rejected or accepted? Thanks in advance!

I haven’t seen this before. Interesting question.

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I know that this is for the real world aviation but I’m not sure about others.

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I believe that the #real-world-aviation requires approval.

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Generally the mods are very fast and efficient so should be less than 10 minutes and it depends on what TL you are as to what categories your posts need approval on also you will receive a system message saying that your post has been approved and you will also get one if it’s not approved
I hope that this can help answer your question!

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It will come up as a notification. A moderator should accept it as soon as one is available.

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Huh ok I made my post yesterday and im still pending

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🤔 maybe they missed it?

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If you made your post yesterday and it wasn’t posted here, it was likely rejected for a reason that a moderator deemed necessary. Could be various reasons depending on what the post was,

  • not appropriate
  • lacking detail
  • not related to Infinite Flight, its third party entities, or the what occurs here on the forum.

Posts are generally approved/rejected within minutes of hitting our pending queue. Some may post hours later if the moderators need to discuss the specific topic, but this is more of a “once in a blue moon” type of situation.


But I didnt get a notification of any sorts

It could take anywhere from 10 mins to 24hrs, remember that if the topic isn’t up to standards it won’t be approved

Not all categories will need moderator approval. It’s only #real-world-aviation, so you’d only need approval if you post a topic there or you are a new user who has just joined. It should say that you have one post pending and look something like this in your notifications if it is approved


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