Question about pattern work

hello, I have a question: when I do a pattern work after I take off should I contact approach? and if yes what should I say? a normale ils approach? and also if there isn’t approach I need to remain in tower frequency? thanks


When completing pattern work at an airport with active ATC, patterns should be remaining with the tower controller for the duration of your patterns.

The tower controller will communicate with the approach controller (if they are present) to inform them that they have an aircraft completing pattern work so that all controllers are on the same page.

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Pattern altitude

Pattern altitude is usually at 1,000’ (AGL) above airport elevation, and 1,500’ (AGL) for jets. This means that you should remain on tower frequency or Common Traffic Advisory (CTAF) when the tower is not active.

Tower Clearance

Once you have requested departure with “remaining in the pattern”, and the tower has given you take off clearance, you may begin pattern work.

When the tower knows that you are doing patterns, the controller would usually give you landing clearance for touch and go. When you are done with your last pattern work, it is nice to let the tower know that you are “inbound for landing, full stop.” You may land after you get a clearance from tower.

Reporting position

If you are on the CTAF frequency, it is recommended that you report your position after each turn, so that other nearby aircrafts are aware of your position within the traffic pattern.

If you are on an active tower frequency, you don’t necessarily need to report your position after each turn, since doing so would increase the workload of the controller and clog up the frequency.

I hope this answers your questions, have fun flying!

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