Question about Overnighters

Today im gonna do my first overnight flight, any tips?


Yup, got some:

  • Graphics at minimum
  • Darken screen.
  • Make sure it’s charging!
  • Camera pointing towards sky
  • Don’t engage VNAV until 1 minute before decent
  • Make sure you wake up!

You can turn down your graphics settings to save battery also if your on the pause menu your screen is also darker.

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Good tips might be…

  • Make sure to turn the scenery down in cruise if you have frequency crashes.
  • Make sure you don’t arm VNAV when you’re sleeping. You might descend into active airspace and get reported.
  • Another useful guide would be the user guide
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Another thing, when I have reached Cruise alt you just tune out of your current frequency?

  1. I never arm VNAV till I know I will be able to wale up before descent

  2. Make sure low battery mode is on, no need to lower graphics :)

  3. Use free cam to look into sky

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Wait until you get a freq change or request it when out of airspace. If you don’t get a freq change. Just go to sleep. There is no need to contact any ATC when you are ‘away’ (not tapped screen for two minutes)

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  • take enough fuel pliz.

Ok thank you guys for replying


You’re welcome! If you have further questions then refer to the user guide I linked above.


I would also put your airplane count to none at cruise, you won’t be spotting overnight so no need to see other planes, also helps your device NOT crash. Have fun on your LH!

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Guys I have completed my first overnighter
United 789 EGLL-KSFO thanks for the tips


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