Question about open beta

I realized that in the 21.1 premiere, it says that “limited” open beta testing would be available. Does that mean it will only apply to T2 levels?

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We don’t know - we just have to wait and see.


More will be revealed tomorrow just have to wait

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Hey, @BhuvanBruh check this out

Open Beta Details Will Be Porvided 2021-04-26T07:00:00Z So Stay Tuned!


Cameron :
Thanks for the excitement everyone! We’re really looking forward to letting everyone try our 21.1 Open Beta.

To clarify the status since so many people are asking:
As of this time, Open Beta information has not yet been published . This will be done at some point on Monday 26th April, and all the information you will need will be included in a pinned topic on this forum.

please remember to search before posting ;)


There will eventually be a post in #announcements about Open Beta for 21.1. We just have to be patient and wait it out!

They have not said anything yet they will at some point post in #announcements about it.

In the next few days, your answer will show itself

Cameron’s post says it all ;)

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