question about on how to describe infinite flight

My dad wants me to write a brief description as one of his friends father is interested in the game. and somethings I completely suck at describing:

my first and only question for right now is how would you describe a server on Infinite flight?

if I have any other questions I will post them in the comment section

Go to their website. Nice, official description there :)


Ah yes the server…A place where you can do a realistic flight or just hop in a aircraft and takeoff anywhere you want, and go to space

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how would you describe your grade?

The grading system is sort of a measure of how much time you have flown, which often correlates with experience, along with being a sort of stair to the expert and training servers.


Every new user starts off at grade 1 and can only fly on casual server where almost no one takes it to realism, but as you play constantly you can rank up and go to grade 2 where you are allowed to fly on the training server where there is live ATC and everyone is learning little by little. And finally once you get to grade 3+ you can fly on the expert server where everyone takes it to ultra realism and no one trolls or they suffer the ultimate penalty!!!


An online place where you see and interact with other planes, which are being piloted by other Infinite Flight users (in real time).

Like if a pirate had a baby with an angel.


Please put this in support catgeory.

This isn’t meant to be support. Support is only for when you have an issue with the application itself. Please leave further clarification to the regulars or moderators

And it depends entirely which server you mean.

Expert: where all the grown ups go to hang out, sometimes with parental supervision. If you’re not qualified, get out.

Training: when the grown ups have been naughty and need a bit of time to recover. You’ll sometimes find the lesser known grade 5 having a more relaxed flight here.

Casual: Yes.

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