Question about O’Hare spotting

Does anyone know good places to sport larger planes at O’Hare like 747 and 777 also I want these to be places where I won’t be bothered by police or anyone thanks.


Hello, fellow Chicagoan here, I’m not completely sure what road I was on but we were in Palatine I saw a Swiss A330 right overhead it had got dark for a minute it was beautiful. Schiller Park Metra station is great. I go to Balmoral road usually. How could I forget Scott street it is great also.


Do all of these places have places to park?

At Balmoral my mom usually parks in the Metra lot at Rosemont, you may need to pay for Metra parking because the Metra police may give you tickets. There is a bridge that is perfect for taxiing planes.

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Please stay away from the cargo area.

Yes I’ve heard about that being a problem that’s why I wanted to ask people who have done it before because my mom will be very mad if we get in trouble by anyone.

I went to close once and was approach by a Federal Agent.

Yeah I’m going to stay away from there

Thanks for your help

Sure no problem.

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Keep in mind that you may film/take pictures from any public right of way (meaning any public road, sidewalk or easement) Police/Federal Agents may try to intimidate you, but there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when you can view something from public space. Not saying it’s worth going to jail to prove you are right, but it’s important to know your rights.

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Yeah I know but if I want to spot again I can’t have that happen or else my mom won’t let me spot.

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as fellow chicagoan i have never spotted at o’hare, however i believe one of the best runways to spot larger aircraft is runway 28c and 28l, now keep in mind, i have never spotted here, but it’s definitely worth trying to spot at those runways as shown in spotting videos of Ohare

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28R and 28C are great I was in an A380 and we landed 28C

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