Question about my grade

I recently got reported on expert server and I see this on my grade table does this mean I’m off for a while on expert

I got ghosted

You have to wait till the first ghost finishes from a year from the first one!

Remember when you got the first ghost from that day wait 1 year then your back on expert server!

So a long time

Yes cause you can’t have more then 5 ghost in 1 year!:(

God dang it hopefully that is soon :(

It depends. When was the first ghost? There’s a chance you may be able to get back on expert in the near future.

I have no idea when my first ghost was

Could I ask a staff member to look it up for me

You can go check your logbook. If you go back 6 reports and see when that 6th report occurred, you’ll know when you have access to expert again.

Mods should also have access to that information, but I recommend checking by yourself first to save them the work. ;)

You have to wait and see. Hope once you get back won’t get in trouble again!!
A waiting Game!

I’ll see if I can

Use this as an opportunity to become a better pilot! Not only improving your takeoffs/ landings but your overall understanding of ATC so you don’t get ghosted ever again.

That’s gonna take ages to get to my first report I have 424 pages

How can I do this to my advantage by using tutorials

In the meantime,
Be sure to learn from the current situation and check out why you were reported, what went wrong, looking at #tutorials and seeking advice, etc, so this wont reoccur in the future…

And if you have any questions, queries or anything about your recent report, just shoot a message to your controller, they’ll happily help you out!

Regarding when your first report was, a moderator or staff member will be able to check out your record and be able to provide a date for you on request.

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Well it’s probably best to first determine the reason you were ghosted. Then you may want to watch ATC/ pilot tutorials like what @Luke_M mentioned.

If you still have questions all of us are here to help.

I know this is what makes our community so great thanks guys for being there when needed the most