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So just had a quick question for an instructor or just someone who knows about Australian licensing. So the way which I did my license and everyone else I know is by getting up to CPL in a single and then doing the multi rating or you just do up to your PPL in a single then do multi rating. I was just wondering if you could do your RPL and PPL in a multi of course a big consideration is the cost of running a multi but say that money wasn’t an issue can you legally do that.

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Hmmm I’m no expert in this but… maybe @SahyaQFFlyer @Rilej_aviation @Oli_H could help you out

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Sorry mate I don’t really know either

Hey there Ethan,

This is a great question. Unfortunately, I do not know much about Australian, but I can tell you that in some parts of the world such as the US, we do have the ability to do Private in a multi-engine. It is possible but rare as the costs are generally much higher. Additionally, its also one of those things that people ask themselves, “I’m spending all of this money to do my initial training in a multi-engine. What if I don’t like flying after I’ve started my training?” That would be one of the big reasons why many people don’t do their multi-rating in their initial training.

That said, when and if you get around to commercial, it might be good to do the multi-rating first. Gt your Commercial Multi and then your Commercial Single. For some reason its easier, and that’s what I ultimately did. But if you can’t find anyone here specifically from Australia that would be knowledgeable in this area, I would recommend doing a few web searches to see what you could find. Maybe some Australia flight training forums or something other site that would maybe provide you a more clear answer to what you’re looking for.

All the best!


Hey mate,
I don’t believe that any of the flight schools in my area (Melbourne) have the option to do your PPL in a multi. I’m not sure about the rest of Australia, but my best bet for people to ask about this on this forum would be @Riley (if he is still active) or @Chris_Hoss.
Like Matt said above, it’s very rare and not entirely reccomended to do your private in a multi, and it may not be possible here in Australia, but the users I’ve mentioned above will know more on this topic than I do. Good luck for the future mate :)

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Thanks for all the reply’s yeah I am working on my CPL now and I really wanted to fly the baron and I can fly that plane with my current school for my instrument rating but I was just waiting interested.
Thanks again, Ethan.

You can get a multi engine command instrument rating only on a PPL, there is actually quite a lot you can do on a PPL when it comes to endorsements.

Personally I know Peninsula Aero Club in Tyabb does multi training for PPL’s (I work there so happy to discuss costs). I’m not sure if any other private schools do it, I’m sure some would.

Personally I would recommend you wait until close to or after getting the CPL before jumping into a multi. That way you build your confidence and experience while gaining command time. Jumping straight into a twin straight after PPL might mean you take longer to get the rating and you may end up spending more.

As far as I’m aware you can’t legally get the RPL on a twin as you cannot hold a multi rating on an RPL, PPL may be different but not 100% sure. I can check with an instructor tomorrow.


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