Question about Metars please

I have finished the Metar tutorial s and have a question about visibility coding which is the fourth section. The tutorial said the measurement for visibility was in statue miles but I don’t have that I have a value that reads for example " 6000 DZ" .can anyone explain that value? Is it in feet ?

Hi, DZ stands for drizzle and 6000 statute miles visibility. :)

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Just adding to that, I’d have to see the METAR as it can’t actually be 6000 statute miles lol would have to be in feet

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Thank you very much fir this

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Cheers appreciated

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Hi Alan,

Reverting back to EASA ATPL met studies as far as I am away METARs have distance in metres and height in feet, the exception is the US which still uses miles so I think you just have to be wary where in the world the METAR is produced 👍

I was told the US do miles by the instructor it wasn’t a learning objective so happy to be corrected!


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In Metars they will report the RVR reports as well. 6000ft is the top end of visibility for an RVR along with the runway number, ex. RWY 04R/2400v6000. This is showing the RVR on 4R is variable between 2400 and 6000ft. It does not always show it as variable and may just have 6000ft. Sometimes you will see an RVR report in a metar when you have 10sm CLR as well, this is usually more to the equipment still being on.

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Thanks Rhys

Thanks Sallen 76

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